Scientist Cyborg Neuron
English-American scientst Dr Peter Scott-Morgan is dying from a terminal illness, and plans on becoming the world’s first full cyborg. Scott-Morgan was diagnosed with an incurable terminal motor neuron disease in 2017, a condition that damages parts of the nervous system and affects the body’s ability to function properly. The final stage of this transformation is called laryngectomy, which requires that his voice box be surgically removed to reduce the risk of aspiration because it prevents food, liquids and saliva from going into the lungs, thus causing pneumonia. Read more for a video of his avatar and additional information.

While he will no longer be able to speak, the wheelchair-bound scientist spent over 60 hours recording his voice, sounds and random noises so that the AI could assemble them into a nuanced, human-like speech. He claims that he’ll be able to converse more fluently than he can now, and his own voice, generated from thousands of words into fluid speech, will be able to convey emotions. Embedded software will then be used to translate the sentences into languages he doesn’t even know. This avatar can respond using artificially intelligent body language, while eye-tracking technology will enable Peter 2.0 to control multiple computers using just his gaze.


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