Rheinmetall A-UGV Mission Master Surveillance Robot
Drones are great for surveillance, but sometimes, they just aren’t practical enough to fly in the deep forest or other tight spaces, and that’s where Rheinmetall’s A-UGV Mission Master comes in. This armed autonomous robot was designed for tactical intelligence gathering and combat support. Featuring a suite of sensors, such as long-range Electro-Optical/and InfraRed (EO/IR), a 360-degree full-ring camera, laser rangefinder, laser targeting system. In addition, and an 11.5-foot extendable, tilting mast to survey undercover. Read more for a video and additional information.

Should it encounter any enemies, it comes equipped with a Rheinmetall Fieldranger Light 7.62 mm RCWS machine gun capable of locking onto a target to away human instruction. As for its command and control functionality, it can link with any radio platform, enabling you to have two-way exchanges with the base, but also with other A-UGV Mission Masters. When not in autonomous mode, it can be controlled with a tablet, smartwatch, soldier system, or a single-hand controller.

Haktoys RC 12'' Fighting Battle Tanks with LED Life Indicators, Realistic Sounds & Lights, Set of 2 Radio Control War Gaming Tanks, Great Gift Toy for Kids & Adult
  • Can "fire" using Cannon or Machine Gun Turret. Aim & fire at the other tank! 4 LED Indicators for your "life"
  • Set of 2 Radio Control Battle Tanks operate in different frequencies (27MHz and 40MHz) so there is no interference
  • Turret Can Turn Left/Right; Cannon Moves Up and Down. Fighting distance is up to 20 feet. Realistic lights and sounds
  • Made of high-quality plastic. Materials made in line with international health & safety standards
  • Tank dimensions: 12.5 x 4 x 4.5 inches. All batteries included. Charge time is approx. 90 minutes and play time is 30-45 minutes. Additional Replacement Batteries can be obtained at ASIN B086HTFY7J