Ring Fit Adventure Nintendo Switch 2022
Ring Fit Adventure (Nintendo Switch) will help you get in shape with games, and it’s being offered for just $54.99 shipped, today only, originally $79.99. If you’re unfamiliar with how it works, the Ring-Con and Leg Strap accessories basically respond to your real-world movements, enabling the game to turn them into in-game actions. Product page. Read more for a hands-on video review and additional information.

Ring Fit Adventure - Nintendo Switch
  • An adventure game that’s also a workout
  • Explore a huge fantasy world and defeat enemies using real-life exercise
  • Jog, sprint, and high knee through dozens of levels

There is not just one minigame, but twelve, complete with customizable workout routines, which makes Ring Fit Adventure is a perfect workout experience for players of all skill levels and schedules. When you select Adventure mode, the goal is to defeat enemies with attacks based on real-world exercises, while earnig experience points. Between fights, players will encounter some strange methods of transportation like squat-powered launch pads, and more.

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