Robo-Mate Exoskeleton

When wearing the Robo-Mate exoskeleton, users will be able to lift a 10-kilogram object as if it weighed just 1-kilogram, thanks to super-strong supports in the arms, legs and back. The eventual goal is for these suits to enable its wearers to perform complex tasks and maneuvers that require human intelligence, but the brawn of a robot – cyborgs come to mind. Continue reading for a video of the suit in-action and more information.

“The intricate design sees the arm modules actively support and mirror the wearer’s arms, taking the load, so it feels only a tenth of the object’s real weight. Supporting the arms is the trunk module, which supports the back and spine and prevents spinal twisting or slipped discs while lifting weights while elevated. Meanwhile, the leg modules support the inner thighs and act like a seat while squatting, so holding the load requires no additional strength,” according to The Daily Mail.

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