Samsung Galaxy S10 Super Slow Mo
Many familiar with the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus’s camera have probably fooled around with the Super Slo-mo mode, but this is what happens when you use that function on the busy streets of New York. Before we get into that, Samsung engineers had to work on creating an image sensor that’s four times faster than conventional sensors to make Super slow-mo even possible, complete with a sensor supported by a dedicated memory chip for quickly processing these intensive videos. Read more for the clip and additional information.

New York City-based filmmaker Glen Vivaris decided to use his Samsung Galaxy S10 while out and about to shoot footage at 960 frames per second out a car window. All of this footage was them compiled into a 2-minute video that pedestrians appear as if they’re seemingly frozen in time.

“The car was actually moving really fast in comparison to the people. If you were to play it normal speed, the car just zips by in a split second. It’s similar to how they shot the explosion behind Quicksilver in X-Men Apocalypse,” said Vivaris.