SanDisk Ultra Fit Drive

SanDisk’s Ultra Fit USB 3.0 Drives may only be slightly larger than a dime, but they pack a big punch, up to 128GB of storage space. Get the 64GB now for just $27.99. This ultra-low-profile, high-performance drive, measuring just 19mm, fits snugly into your host devices and safely stays there-nothing to stick out or break off. You can transfer a full-length movie in less than 40 seconds. Play your music collection from your car audio system for that long road trip, or carry your family vacation photos with you. Product page.

Not only does SanDisk Ultra Fit fit your on-the-go, multi-device lifestyle, it makes it safe to carry and share your content. The included SanDisk Secure Access software provides 128-bit file encryption and password protection for your private files while leaving the rest of the drive available for sharing. More information.

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