Sans Forgetica

Developed by researchers at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, Sans Forgetica is designed to help boost your memory, and based on a font called Albion. How does it work? The substantial modifications basically force readers to spend more time reading each word, allowing the brain to engage in deeper cognitive processing. “Sans Forgetica lies at a sweet spot where just enough obstruction has been added to create that memory retention,” said the researchers. Continue reading for a video on the science behind it and more information.

“One experiment had 96 participants recall word pairs presented in three different font. They remembered 69 percent of the word pairs written in Sans Forgetica, compared to 61 percent for the other fonts. In a different experiment, 303 students took a mock multiple-choice exam, and whenever the text was presented in Sans Forgetica, they remembered 57 percent of the text, compared to only 50 percent of the surrounding text written in Arial font,” reports Oddity Central.

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