Vozz Helmet

Say goodbye to uncomfortable (and unsafe) motorcycle helmets, and hello to the “Vozz Helmet”. Rather than pulling it over your head and using a chin strap, this design splits vertically into two sections that pivot around a hinge, which lock in place using a little pressure. Once locked into place, it fits perfectly and can’t be accidentally removed, ensuring a tighter fit as well as more chin coverage. All of this means less aerodynamic lift at higher speeds, and additional heat insulation for cooler weather. Should you be involved in an accident, the helmet can easily be separated into two parts, making it possible for removal without moving the neck or applying pressure to the head. Continue reading to watch two additional videos and for more information. Click here to view more images of the helmet.

“A ‘fully adjustable chin strap,’ has also been designed to prevent strap creep, and roll the lower edge of the helmet and eliminate snag points. Each helmet produced will undergo a quality assessment, and the creators have partnered with an International Organization for Standardizations (ISO) 9000 certified manufacturer to ensure utmost safety,” according to Mail Online.

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