See-Through Solar Cell Panel Transparent Electrode
Thanks to new ultra-thin metal electrodes, researchers have created semitransparent perovskite solar cells that are highly efficient and can be coupled with traditional silicon cells to greatly boost the performance of both devices. This represents a big step towards developing completely transparent solar cells. Typically, these cell are made from silicon, but these new ones offer a promising alternative.

The new perovskite solar cell managed to achieve 19.8% efficiency, a record for a semitransparent cell, and when combined with a traditional silicon solar cell, the stacked device achieved 28.3% efficiency, up from 23.3% from the silicon cell alone.

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Transparent solar cells could someday find a place on windows in homes and office buildings, generating electricity from sunlight that would otherwise be wasted. This is a big step — we finally succeeded in making efficient, semitransparent solar cells,” said Kai Wang, assistant research professor of materials science and engineering at Penn State and co-author on the study.

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