Selfie Toaster

The Selfie Toaster may have been an actual gag gift at one point, but now, it’s real, and can be purchased online today. “This toaster comes with the ability to customize the appearance of your toast with a Selfie or Custom image! It does this with a redeemable Code and instructions on how to create your custom insert for your toaster at a later date. The Vermont Novelty Toaster Company will create and mail your custom insert within ten days of receiving a good photograph,” according to the description. Get one here now. Continue reading to see more bizarre gadgets you can actually buy today.

5. Hang-N-Out Trash Bag Holder for Tires

Tire Trash Bag Holder

The Hang-N-Out Trash Bag Holder can be attached to just about any car wheel, and ensures your tailgating parties don’t get too trashy. It simply clips on a vehicle tire and you add a trash bag. No really its that simple, but extremely handy. Set up in seconds and never leave a tailgate with litter on it again. Get one here now.

4. Baby Gender Prediction Test

Gender Prediction Test

This baby gender prediction test is no joke, and supposedly can tell you whether its a boy or girl as early as 6-weeks in a pregnancy. “Gender maker will satisfy your curiosity and give you results in just seconds. Gender Maker urine gender prediction test will speed up the time, and close the gap between your curiosity and gender determination,” reads the description. Get one here now.

3. Scented Duck Tape

Scented Duck Tape

Add scented duck tape to products you never knew existed. “Made with the same strength and durability expected of Duck Tape, Bubble Gum Duck Tape Scents is a NEW pastel pink-colored Duck Tape bursting with the sweet pop of bubble gum.,” according to the product description. Get some here now in a variety of scents.

2. Kovot Personal Fondue Mugs

Personal Fondue Mugs

Kovot Personal Fondue Mugs ensures you’ll be able to satisfy your cheese craving from the comfort of your own home, without paying exorbitant restaurant prices. “With this personal fondue mug set by Kovot, melt cheese or chocolate for dipping fruit, veggies, breads and more. Ceramic personal fondue mugs feature bottom openings for tea lights to heat your favorite dip,” according to the product description. Get a set with dipping forks here now.

1. Tetris Link Board Game

Tetris Link Board Game

Tetris Link is an actual board game based on the famous tile-matching title. In this version, players drop blocks known as Tetriminos into a grid. They attempt to link same-colored Tetriminos together to earn points, while simultaneously blocking opponents from doing the same. Points are earned by linking three or more Tetriminos together, but points are deducted for leaving empty spaces in the tower grid. The game ends once the tower is completely full. Get one here now.