SHAASUIVG Samsung Knockoff

Yes, believe it or not, there’s a Samsung TV knockoff brand called SHAASUIVG, and their prices are out of this world, literally. Spotted on Chinese online store Pinduoduo, this 55-inch 4K TV will only set you back roughly $57 USD, comlete with a SHAASUIVG logo in a similar font and location to the official SAMSUNG insignia. Continue reading for a video of a Galaxy S9+ knockoff video and more information about this television set.

“Pinduoduo, which began trading on the Nasdaq stock exchange two weeks ago at an initial valuation of more than $23 billion, has earned itself an unenviable reputation as a home for counterfeit goods. The serious edge to all this unregulated and unmoderated e-commerce is that Pinduoduo also hosts sellers of food and baby products, which are categories of goods with a far greater risk than a TV that may or may not have all the specs printed on its box,” reports The Verge.


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