SHERP The Ark 10x10 ATV
When a vehicle is called “The Ark”, you’d expect something massive, and that’s exactly what SHERP has created. Fitted with ten massive wheels, the vehicle consists of a four-wheeled vehicle up front engine and an enclosed trailer out back that can seat up to 22 people. Whether it be mud, snow, gravel, or even ice, The Ark can handle just about any terrain. Read more for two videos and additional information.

It boasts an 82-hour fuel autonomy so you won’t have to fill up in case of a zombie apocalypse. You’ll also be able to deflate or inflate its tires with exhaust gases at the touch of a button. That’s not all, if you so happen to puncture a tire, or get water in the vehicle’s cabin, just shut off the air supply to the damaged area to keep driving or use the built-in automatic pumps to remove the liquid.