Non-Lethal Bullets The Alternative

Called “The Alternative,” this accessory by Alternative Ballistics’ is essentially a clip-on plastic launcher that holds a metal ball in front of a pistol’s muzzle. When the handgun is fired, the bullet enters the sphere, slowing it down to one-fifth of the bullet’s normal speed from an average of 877mph to just 175.2mph. Continue reading for two more videos and additional information.

“The sphere’s speed means it can still break bones and cause extreme pain when it hits a suspect, but the risk of someone dying from the impact is slight – especially as police officers are trained to shoot at a person’s torso, which often leads to a loss of life. However, Alternative Ballistics cautions that The Alternative should not be used by a police officer who has to make a split-second decision to prevent harm befalling a victim or officers, but only when the officer has three seconds or more to think about it,” reports IB Times.