Xbox One PS4 Laptop

Photo credit: Eddie Zarick

Master game system modder Eddie Zarick is back at it again, and this time, he has unveiled not one, but two, custom systems: a Captain America Xbook One and Iron Man Playbook 4. The former’s shield was made with brushed metal vinyl work on top of acrylic to give it depth and the illusion of metal, while the star in the middle of the shield lights up when the system is turned on. Best of all, it has a built-in Hauppauge HD PVR Rocket capture card, which means you can simply plug in USB stick, mic (if you want to narrate) and begin recording your gaming session for Twitch, YouTube gaming, etc. Continue reading to see the Iron Man Playbook up-close.

Xbox One Laptop PS4 Laptop

“If you don’t recognize Iron Man in this system, I do not know what will! This system was built from the ground up with Tony Stark in mind! I thought, when Tony is not working on his next Mk for a Iron Man and he wants to game. It has got to be through a PLAYBOOK 4 that looks like this! Clearly the only way to power such a beast of a system is to give it its own Arc Reactor centered in Iron Man Armor. This arc reactor lights up whenever the system is powered and gives it a great look,” said Eddie.

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