Smart Fork

Japan-based Nissin has created a smart fork designed to cancel out noodle-slurping noises, called the “Otohiko fork”. It uses a highly sensitive microphone to picks up on the slightest slurping noise, and as soon as they’re detected, it’s forwarded to an application on your smartphone that triggers a slurp neutralizing sound. The sounds, which can range from a wooshing sound or a musical instrument, like the xylophone, makes the noodle-slurping noises inaudible to other people. Continue reading for five more bizarre, yet real, gadgets.

5. Smile Mirror

Smile Mirror

An innovative new mirror only becomes reflective when a user smiles at it. This plug-in device, which looks similar to a tablet, comes equipped with a mirror, camera, and an opaque smart material triggered by propriety software. Facial recognition technology is used to capture the face and then prompts the surface of the mirror to change when a smile is detected. You can hang it on a wall or place it on a table, much like a conventional mirror.

4. Portable Scanner Designed to Detect Fake Designer Bags

Entrupy Designer Goods Scanner

Entrupy has developed a portable scanner that can be used to check the authenticity of designer bags in just seconds. How does it work? Simply connect it to your smartphone through the app, use the device to take high quality microscopic pictures of the material, processing, workmanship, and serial number of the product, and then compare these images against a database of millions of photos of over 30,000 designer bags from the world’s most popular brands. The deep learning technology gets more accurate as clients upload more photos of authentic and fake bags to its database.

3. Atari Speaker Hat

ATARI Speaker Hat

Gaming company Atari has created a high-tech baseball cap with Bluetooth speakers embedded in its brim. It was developed in collaboration with Audiowear, and features two small speakers on the underside of its brim, as well as a built-in microphones, which enable users to to take phone calls and voice commands. It’s powered by a concealed rechargeable lithium battery, and also sports a universal control button as well as an LED indicator.

2. Hushme Voice Muffling Mask

Hushme Voice Muffling Mask

Called Hushme, this bizarre mask allegedly blocks the sound of the wearer’s voice. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth and comes with a pair of earbuds. When you call is received, just put on the mask, and you’re good to go. A pair of thick cushioned pads placed over your mouth should do good job of muffling your voice, but to ensure nothing gets through, the device features external speakers that play a variety of sounds when you speak.

1. BionicGym


How does burning 1000-calories per hour without even getting off your couch sound? Introducing the BionicGym. This wearable neuro-stimulator claim to help you achieve your weight loss goals by delivering sophisticated electric pulse patterns to your muscles. It supposedly “mimics shivering, nature’s way of burning calories without doing anything.” Creator Dr. Louis Crowe says he came up with the idea over 16 years ago, when he would get into the cold Atlantic ocean so he could observe the effects of shivering. He discoverd that this natural way of burning calories was not dependent on generating muscle tension or moving the joints, thus a person could burn a lot of calories without actually doing any exercise.

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