SNES Micro

Raspberry Pi is popular among gaming enthusiasts because it’s literally a mini computer that can be used to create portable game consoles. Hugo Doris has been following the modding scene for a while, and decided to create the SNES Micro, or what some are calling the world’s smallest Super Nintendo. The outer shell is hand-crafted from clay, while the motherboard was carefully placed inside and secured with hot glue. It may not have all the bells and whistles the classic, but none of those easily fit in your pocket. Continue reading to see a Raspberry Pi Zero-powered Game Boy.

“Raspberry Pi Zero Gameboy. 2 Custom fit 2500mah batteries that look like Gameboy games. “F1 Race” and “Black Bass Lure Fishing” are included. 16GB SD card with RetroPi and all “drivers” installed.(Hotkeys for save, load, speed up, overlays, exit command are setup, audio set up etc). In place of the “ext connector” on the original gameboy, now is a normal USB jack, for connecting a keyboard mouse, wifi or bluetooth antenna, or a USB hub. The cap has been modified to sit inside the USB slot. Where the original DC Power jack was, now sits a Micro USB slot for charging the batteries. It can charge the lipo batteries up to 1 amp. Where the original contrast slider was, is now a slot for the MicroSD card,” according to its creator.

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