Portable PS2

Sony’s PlayStation 2 is the best-selling video game console of all-time, with over 155 million units sold, as of 2011. More than 3,874 game titles have been released for the PS2 since its launch in 2000, and more than 1.5-billion copies have been sold worldwide.] The company later released several smaller, lighter revisions of the console known as “slimline” models. This modder took a PS2 Slim and transformed it into a portable console that fans will drool over. Continue reading for more.

5. Big Red

While some may prefer the PS2’s original black and blue color scheme, there’s no denying that this custom-built portable console is a conversation piece. In addition to the full control pad, you’ll find a crisp LCD display, stereo speakers, LED power indicator button, and the OpenPS2 emulator.

4. PS3 Laptop

No DIY game console list would be complete without at least on of master modder Ben Heck’s creations. This sleek PS3 laptop, first unveiled in 2009, showed spared no expense on detail, including everything from a widescreen display to a front-loading disc slot. No external speakers are required, as he installed two speakers, along with vents to keep everything cool.

3. Mini PS2

At first glance, classic gamers might mistake this for an Atari Lynx or SEGA Game Gear, but this is a fully-functional PS2, minus the disc slot. “This is my first ps2p. The ps2 has a lot of great games and being made portable is just awesome considering there are not many ps2ps compared to the hundreds of n64ps made. It is made from an ag85 from polycase and has a 4 inch screen,” said its creator “GmanModz”.

2. PS2 Square

“TheCasperrojas” specializes in making custom game consoles, and this one was built specially for a customer. It features a charging port, two USB controller ports, power / reset switch, integrated fan, 64MB internal memory card, and stereo speakers. The OpenPS2 is good not only for games, but simple media, like movies and pictures, as well.

1. 3D-Printed PS2 Portable

We have seen the future of 3D-printing, and it includes making your own game consoles. “GmanModz” is back at it again, and this portable could have been an official release a decade ago, without any gamer batting an eye. “My 2nd ps2p and the case was constructed with a 3d printer and a cnc machine,” said Gman.

Honorable Mention – PS2 One Portable