SpaceX NASA Dragon V2

It’s been roughly 8-years since the last manned US space flight, but NASA and SpaceX are set to send the Dragon V2, a new space capsule for astronauts, on Saturday at 2:49 am ET (0749 GMT) from the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, Florida. The capsule will arrive at the International Space Station by Sunday, with a return to Earth set for next Friday. Read more to watch both the SpaceX and NASA live streams.

This launch will involve a dummy, named “Ripley”, to test all the processes the capsule will need to perform to transport humans to the ISS and back safely. “It’s been a long eight years. It’s exciting to see a crewed vehicle, the SpaceX Dragon, up there on a Falcon 9 on pad 39A,” said Cabana, who witnessed the last space shuttle flight return to Cape Canaveral on July 21, 2011,” said former astronaut Bob Cabana, Kennedy Space Center’s director.

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