SpaceX Starship Airlock
The SpaceX Starship is designed to safely transport 100 people or 150 tons of cargo, all powered by a Raptor engine that uses liquid oxygen and methane as its fuel. So far, prototypes have flew 500 feet in the air, and its latest iteration aims to hit 50,000-feet. Within the next few years, SpaceX is planning a crewed mission to Mars, eventually establishing a city on the planet by 2050. However, before we reach the Red Planet, multiple Starships will be used for lunar missions. Read more for a video showing how the Starship’s airlock could work.

Among the multiple Starships, one would sit in low-Earth orbit as a propellant storage ship, supplied by tanker Starships, while a second, designed for humans, would fly to the propellant storage and refuel before contuning to the Moon. The Starship itself boasts a spacious cabin and two airlocks for astronauts to explore the lunar surface.

LEGO Creator Expert NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander 10266 Building Kit, New 2020 (1,087 Pieces)
  • Developed in cooperation with NASA to mark the 50th anniversary of man's historic walk on the moon, this highly detailed collectible LEGO replica of the iconic Apollo 11 Eagle Lunar Lander is a spectacular display model
  • It's packed with amazing details, including detachable ascent and descent stages, a lunar surface display base and 2 astronaut minifigures with NASA-detailed spacesuits
  • The LEGO Creator Expert Apollo 11 Lunar Lander makes an impressive display for home or office
  • The advanced LEGO Creator Expert Apollo 11 Lunar Lander model is a challenging and rewarding LEGO building set that makes a great gift for space and NASA fans, and for kids ages 16+
  • The LEGO Creator Expert NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander measures over 7” (20 cm) high, 8” (22cm) wide and 7” (20cm) deep
LIGHTAILING Light Set for (Creator NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander) Building Blocks Model - Led Light kit Compatible with Lego 10266(NOT Included The Model)
  • USAGE: The Light Set is used to light up Creator NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander (NOT include the Lego Set).
  • PORDUCT FEATURE: The Light is made use of original material purely handmade. It contains 1 USB Light kit ,Instruction guide, battery box. Plug in power, and light up your building blocks with our amazing design!
  • TIPS: Prepare three AA Batteries, or USB Charger and Voltage should be less than 5V to avoid burning.
  • INSTALLATION INSTRUCTION: The light set installation is done to your preference. Please install your led light carefully, no hard pulling and no need to bend or shake it.
  • ABOUT US: Specialized in custom-designed Lighting Kit toys, we aim to supply customer with good products and quality services. Make your creations unique with your rich imagination and creativity. Let 's light up your bricks and bring them new vitality. If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us. Have a happy shopping experience!