Apple Watch Spotify

Photo credit: The Verge

Spotify is currently beta testing its Apple Watch app, and The Verge’s Tom Warren was able to get some hands-on time with it ahead of its official release. Currently, it only includes basic functions, and unfortunately, there’s no offline support for playing songs away from your iPhone, nor can you stream songs to an Apple Watch over LTE. Simply put, the current iteration is basically a Spotify Connect controller to let you change music on any device playing Spotify content and linked to your account. Continue reading for a short video and more information.

“Spotify’s app replaces the ‘Now Playing’ screen on the Apple Watch if you’re listening to Spotify songs on an iPhone, and you can use it to control music playback or pick a playlist. There are some nice additions over Apple’s traditional ‘Now Playing’ screen, though. You can favorite songs so they’re added to your library, and there’s haptic and audio feedback (on the Apple Watch Series 4) when you use the digital crown to adjust volume,” reports The Verge.