Star Wars Prequels Edited Into Single Movie

About 3-years-ago, Topher Grace, best known for his portrayal of Eric Forman on That ’70s Show, edited all three Star Wars prequels into a single 85-minute movie, called “Redux of the Jedi”. It was only shown to a select group of friends and press, but fast forward to today, it’s available online for all to view. While the redux progresses quickly and omits huge chucks of story in favor of action, it does however streamlinine the narrative events of the prequels into something worth watching. Continue reading for the film.

“Topher Grace of That ’70s Show fame, who is a huge Star Wars fan, and he re-cut the three prequels, Episodes I, II, and III, into one 85-minute film. He screened it just once publicly, but he’s got a trailer online, and some reactions from people who saw it,” says No Film School.