StartRocket Advertisements Night Sky
StartRocket, a Russia-based startup, wants to take advertising to a whole new level, literally. Their plans is to create a massive solar-powered billboard that can be used to display advertisements in the night sky by sending a fleet of mini-satellites, also known as CubeSats, into low-Earth orbit. When in place, this programmable display is capable of showcasing ads that target a potential audience of 7 billion people. “When phones don’t work, during zero visibility, power cuts and catastrophic emergencies, the government can use the display for urgent notifications for the population,” said the company. Read more for a video and additional information.

This space billboard of sorts, officially called an “Orbital Display,” is comprised of CubeSats, each representing a single-piece canvas called a “Spaceboard,” that are equipped with solar photon sails, which can be deployed to reflect the light of the sun and forms the individual pixels of the image being displayed. The entire assembled structure spans a total area of 19 square miles and orbits the planet at an altitude of 248 to 310 miles.

“Since it’s dependent on sunlight, the Orbital Display would only function at dawn or at dusk — and would allow companies to showcase their logos or messages for a maximum period of six minutes — but no more than three to four ads a day,” according to Inquisitr.

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