Gravity Industries Jet Suit Pack

Gravity Industries CEO Richard Browning tackles a Royal Marine assault course in a jet suit that he invented, thus earning him the nickname of “real-life Iron Man”. He managed to fly the 1,000 brake horsepower suit around the bottom field assault course at the Commando Training Centre in Lympstone, Devon. “Royal Marines are sometimes called ‘supermen’ for their achievements, but even we stop short at the ability to fly. Watching Richard float, fly and hover around the assault course was a very impressive, surreal experience,” said Royal Marines Captain Oliver Mason. Read more for two more videos about the jet suit and additional information.

“Browning stopped by the training center to show off the suit before soldiers, flying over a training obstacle course. This doesn’t appear to have been an audition to begin equipping British soldiers with their own jet packs, but it’s not hard to see that there could be military applications for such a device, which allow users considerable speed and freedom of movement,” reports The Verge.

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