Startup Rokid Smartglasses Temperature Coronavirus
Hangzhou-based startup company Rokid has developed smartglasses, called T1, that can help screen for coronavirus symptoms. It was developed in just two weeks, and quickly sold 1,000 units to governments, industrial parks and schools. Featuring an infrared sensor and a 12-megapixel camera that essentially enables the wearer to see peoples’ temperatures, all powered by a Qualcomm CPU.Read more for a video and additional information.

Rokid is currently upgrading the T1 to give it the ability to measure multiple temperature readings simultaneously for use in heavily trafficked places, such as shopping malls and airports. At least one office complex in Hangzhou is replacing fixed thermometer stands with these smartglasses after a flood of employees returned to work after months in lockdown.

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Apart from fixed temperature measurement, T1 can provide portable, distant and prompt temperature checking, which would be a great help,” said Rokid Vice President Xiang Wenjie.

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