Steve Ballmer is now officially the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, as the $2-billion sale closed Tuesday, the NBA announced in a news release. According to a California court issued order, Donald Sterling’s wife, Shelly, has the legal authority to sell the team on behalf of the Sterling Family Trust. The sale price is currently the highest in NBA history, and marks the end of the showdown between Donald Sterling, his fellow owners and commissioner Adam Silver. Continue reading for the news report and more information.

The Verge reports, “The former Microsoft boss, who still sits on the company’s board, has said he has ‘a big, bold dream for the Clippers.’ Naturally a huge part of that dream is reaching the pinnacle of professional basketball and winning the NBA championship. Ballmer has long tried to bring more pro sports teams to his hometown of Seattle, but has pledged to keep the Clippers in Los Angeles, where he unsurprisingly now plans to spend a ‘considerable” amount of time.'”

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