Who knew you could actually play games on the world’s smallest TV? Find that and more in this strange list. Which ones are your favorites?

Sony TAV-L1 Slider HDTV

One of the first slider HD-ready LCD televisions to be announced, Sony’s 32-inch Esprit TAV-L1 includes a unique slot-loading CD/DVD player on top and interchangeable speaker grilles. Looking more like a standing speaker in audio mode, press the touch-sensitive front panel to reveal an HD-ready Bravia display. Other features include 2.1 stereo speakers and a 100w subwoofer.[Source]

World’s Smallest TV

“Pekingdbz” attempts to play Wario Ware: Smooth Moves on a 1.5-inch TV, complete with sensor bar — located above the mini setup.

Holo TV

Similar to the Holo TVs we previously covered, “HoloVizio” by Holografika is a next-generation display “for 3D visualization.”

Viewers should see a 3D image on the screen, as they would see in reality

26-inch TV Fish Tank

Michael Khor took an old 26-inch TV, rebuilt the cabinet, and had a custom tank made to fit snugly inside. Though not cutting-edge technology, it makes for an interesting conversation piece. Here’s just one of the problems that Michael ran into:

I was never going to get a standard off the shelf tank to give me the effect I wanted. I had to allow for the height of the light/reflector which is 6 cm. This just allowed me to have the top of the tank at the height of the top of the screen, but unfortunately meant that I could not fill the water level ABOVE the height of the screen


World’s Largest HDTV

PinkTentacle has uncovered a video clip of an “athletic reporter sprinting from one end of the 2,651-inch monster to the other (in 12.8 seconds).”

The screen employs Mitsubishi’s Aurora Vision LED technology and measures 11.2 meters (37 feet) x 66.4 meters (218 feet), giving it a surface area of 744 square meters (8,000+ square feet), or the equivalent of 3 tennis court. You’d have to stack 1,550 32-inch TVs to match the size of this screen

108-inch LCD TV

Experience movies like never before on Sharp’s 108-inch LCD TV, which is touted as the “world’s largest”. Technical specifications have not yet been released.

They also say it has applications in the commercial world. We can imagine advertisers trampling each other to get some screen time on this baby, and there’s also a chance you’ll see them popping up at music or sports events