Stuck Labs Kinetic Touchless Elevator Buttons
Sure, you could use a tool to press elevator buttons, but what if there was a touchless way to do so with your fingers? STUCK Labs created “Kinetic Touchless” technology that actually mirrors your finger movements from a distance, enabling you to press buttons without actually touching them. The firm states that these gestures can be adapted to other things as well, like having something be pushed inwards by moving your finger with a poking motion.

Kinetic Touchless was designed specifically for the pandemic, so it may be a while until we see this technology in the wild in other things, like vending machines, metro turnstiles, and more. The studio calls this a “surprisingly delightful and yet newly familiar way to interact with contactless technology.”

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The concept of bringing tactility back to the otherwise non-tactile interaction of contact-less tech can also go beyond lift buttons. Kinetic Touchless mimics movement at a distance to provide tactile feedback that mirrors the input motion, even when no direct contact is involved. In doing so, kinetic touchless capitalizes on the flexibility of contact-less interactions while maintaining the tactility of contact interactions. This type of interaction can be applied to various gestures, such as pushing, pulling, and sliding,” said STUCK Design.

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