Sugru Self Setting Rubber

Sugru SBW8 Self Setting Rubber may look like Play-Doh, but it’s so much more. This material bonds to most materials (takes 24-hours to cure), including wood, glass, plastics, metals, etc., is waterproof and can handle temperatures from as low as -50°C to +180°C. Use it to fix cables, surfboards, patch up leaky boots, create custom phone bumpers, add ergonomic grips to your tools, and / or make everything you own LEGO-compatible. Best of all, you can safely and easily remove it. Get some here now. Continue reading for three videos and more information.

“Sugru was invented by Jane and is made in the UK with science and love. Sugru’s patented technology is unique in its combination of hand-formability, self-adhesion and flexibility when cured. It feels like modelling clay and it’s that easy to use too. Once cured, its durable properties mean it’s comfortable to the touch, works in extreme environments and lasts and lasts and lasts. More information.

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