SuitX Exoskeleton

When it comes to exoskeletons, $40K isn’t a high price to pay for the opportunity to walk again. That is exactly what suitX’s Phoenix modular exoskeleton is set out to do, and at a mere 27-pounds, it’s also touted as one of the lightest models ever made. Building on technology developed by a team from the University of California at Berkeley’s Human Engineering Lab, the exoskeleton is basically a motorized lower-body brace. Users can comfortably wear the exoskeleton in a wheelchair, thanks to an “intuitive interface” that makes transitioning between getting up, walking, and sitting back down, a breeze. Read more for another video and additional information.

“The Phoenix consists of a hip module, two knee modules and two feet modules, which clients can use either independently or joined together to form a complete system. This not only cuts down on unnecessary weight and bulk, but also allows for longer battery life. In its fully-assembled setup, the exoskeleton allows for up to four hours of continuous walking on one charge, or eight hours of intermittent use. It has a maximum walking speed of 1.1 mph (0.5 m/s),” reports New Atlas.