Volkswagen ID.R Nurburgring

In the automotive world, setting a Nürburgring lap record is at the top of many lists, whether it be an automaker or enthusiast. The Volkswagen I.D. R has done just that by setting a new electric lap record at the Nürburgring Nordschleife by completing the 12.9-mile circuit in a blistering 6:05.336, smashing the time achieved by the Nio EP9 in 2017 by a whopping 40 seconds. Read more to watch the entire lap and for additional information.

“Romain Dumas, a race car driver and Porsche factory driver, set the lap record in the I.D. R after setting the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb record last year using the same car. However, for the Nürburgring, Volkswagen had to modify the vehicle to conquer the iconic track. While Volkswagen kept the same twin motor and battery set-up used during its record-breaking Pikes Peak run, the automaker did a lot of work to maximize the vehicle’s downforce and acceleration. To achieve its top speed faster, Volkswagen changed the energy management system,” reports Motor 1.

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