Super Mario Bros Speedrun

Photo credit: Kotaku

For those familiar with the Super Mario Bros. speedrun scene, Kosmicd12 may be a familiar name, but for anyone who has never heard of this gamer, he’s one of the best in the business. After countless attempts, he managed to pull off the impossible, a 4 minutes, 55 seconds, 913 milliseconds speedrun, thanks to a trick that enabled him to clip through the end-of-level pipe and access a warp zone faster. “This isn’t real life, dude. One and done. I don’t know what what to say,” said Kosmicd12. Continue reading for a video of the world’s fastest Super Mario Bros. 3 speedrun.

The current record of Super Mario Bros. 3 without using any warps whatsoever is held by Mitchflowerpower, who beat the game in 50 minutes and 55 seconds, just 2 seconds over Kirua’s personal best. Using glitches and warps of any kind, performing what is often called a “credits warp”, it’s possible to reach the end credits of the game in just over 3-minutes. The current world record for which is 3 minutes and 4.050 seconds by Kirua.


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