Super Mario Flashback

Super Mario Flashback, presented at the Sonic Amateur Games Expo (SAGE), is a stunning pixel art fan game that Nintendo should have released. It was created by a 20-year-old student who goes by “Mors” online and hopes that it will be ready for an official release by early 2020. “We are working on something. I’m pretty sure it’s something you guys will like. It kind of came out of nowhere, and, for now, I want to focus on that. [But] I can assure you guys that Flashback is not getting affected by this in the long run,” said “Mors” about the demo being delayed from November to April 2019. Continue reading for a 3-stage play through and more information.

“At first, the game was built using premade assets that are publicly available on MFGG [Mario Fan Games Galaxy]. Mors soon realized that he needed collaborators and recruited some pixel artists including Neweegee and Cruise Elroy. Can of Nothing produced some of the early music and Darkonius joined to help with the level design,” reports Engadget.


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