A super predator was discovered to have devoured a nine-foot great white shark that was tagged by researchers four months earlier. This creature had to have been humongous to swallow a shark that size. The shark, dubbed Shark Alpha, plunged to a depth of 1,900 feet down a continental shelf at 4am. on Christmas Eve, but right before the depth change there was a temperature rise that occurred suddenly. Researchers say that the only way the temperature change that drastic could happen is if the shark was in the belly of another animal, one big enough to swallow a shark of that size and possibly the elusive megalodon. Continue reading for a video and more information.

The Examiner reports, “The other animal could possibly another great white shark, but it would have to be of massive proportions! Great whites are known to eat anything, that includes turning cannibalistic and eating one of their own species. What would bring about a shark on shark attack? Scientist suggest it could be anything from a territorial dispute to the shark being extremely hungry.”