Fire Mount Tire

Why would anyone try to set fire to a tire like this when you could just use an air tank or tire mounting machine? Well, for starters, the latter doesn’t make for a good viral video. The former is a process that involves spraying ether or another flammable substance around the area between the lip of an unmounted tire and the rim before lighting it on fire. When ignited, the explosion expands the air around the rim and inside the tire, thus making the opening wide enough to set around the rim. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“Beyond that, the process typically overinflates the tire, which means that even if the first fiery explosion doesn’t kill you, the one resulting from too much tire pressure certainly could. Frankly, we were surprised to find a group of guys trying this risky process on a loader which ups the danger level in a big way,” according to Equipment World.

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