Smart Fortwo Limousine

Germany-based coachbuilder Limouzine took a standard Smart Fortwo, fitted it with six wheels, stretched the cabin, and named the limousine “Madeforsix”. Its wheelbase has been stretched by nearly 110-inches, while gaining a second rear axle. You’ll also find black multi-spoke alloy wheels, tinted windows, a roof-mounted spoiler, leather-upholstered bench seats, TVs, LED ambient lighting, a champagne bar, several cupholders and a high-end sound system. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

Smart Fortwo Limousine Madeforsix

“Power comes from a rear-mounted engine that generates about 120 horsepower. That’s 20 more than even the most powerful Brabus-tuned second-gen fortwo, but Limouzine has not revealed what modifications it has made to the engine. There are no guarantees that it’s the stock engine, either, but there aren’t a whole lot of mills out there that can fit in the fortwo’s tiny engine bay,” according to Digital Trends.