Titan Zeus 370-inch Television

There are gigantic 100-inch 4K displays, and then the mammoth 370-inch Titan Zeus. You read that right, it measures 370-inches (26 feet by 16 feet) corner to corner. Since it weighs in at nearly a ton, you’ll not only need a large room, but also plenty of support underneath it as well. One caveat, size aside: it costs a whopping $1.7-million. Continue reading for a picture of the actual television.

Titan Zeus TV

“While we did expect this thing to be expensive, we didn’t expect it to be $1.7 million. Not only is this TV a complete monster, the brand also offers up solutions that are perfect for outdoor settings. We’re talking a screen bright enough to show up crystal clear in direct sunlight, and a system that’s sealed well enough to repel a bit of splashed water- so setting it up poolside is a go,” reports Hi Consumption.