Boy Allergic Food

Alex Visker, a 19-year-old teen from Utah, is allergic to all food and has been relying on a feeding tube for nutrition. To be more specific, he’s allergic to the proteins in food, and even one bite of a meal will leave him with stomach pain, fatigue, hives, headaches and extreme nausea, and can even send him into anaphylactic shock. “I can’t even put something in my mouth just to taste it, and that’s hard because I remember what food tastes like. The sight of food and the smell of food – especially something I used to love – can make me crave it. But I don’t want to feel miserable,” said Visker. Continue reading for a video news report and more information.

“Alex, who hasn’t been able to eat solid food in four years, started to get sick when began eating family meals as a toddler. The teen’s mother Jodie, 45, said her third of four sons had constant nausea, as well as bone and muscle pain, growing up. Alex eventually suffered from stomach convulsions and by the time he was in the fifth grade, she and her husband Kevin were actively searching for a diagnosis for their son’s mystery illness,” according to Mail Online.