Tesla Cybertruck Supercharging Stall Santa Nella
Photo credit: SJV Tesla
We can now see signs that the Tesla Cybertruck is nearing production (2023), as massive supercharging stalls appeared in Santa Nella, California. Some Tesla owners report that these have already begun popping up around California, most notably in Santa Monica. These would also come in handy for anyone towing a trailer or even the future Tesla Semi, although the latter would require a different type of charging cable.

Tesla Cybertruck Supercharging Stall Santa Nella
Production of the dual-motor AWD and tri-motor AWD Cybertruck was originally planned to begin in late 2021, with the base RWD model set for a late 2022 release, but it was pushed back. The current estimate for the start of Tesla Cybertruck production is now mid-2023 if all things go as planned. We’ve yet to see the Cybercat Cyberfoil accessory in-action, which turns the Tesla Cybertruck into an amphibious hydrofoil-like vehicle.

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