The Encompass Half-Mouth Toothbrush
For some, brushing their teeth may be a tedious task, but The Encompass aims to change that. This half-mouth toothbrush features a long handle and a bristle-lined, J-shaped half-mouthpiece. After applying toothpaste, simply bite down on the mouthpiece, which flexes to accommodate the size / shape of their teeth perfectly, and then turn on the motor to cause an air bladder within the mouthpiece to rapidly inflate / deflate. Read more for a video and additional information.

When the motor is turned on, the mouthpiece’s top and bottom sections move up and down 100 times a second, deep cleaning the teeth on that side of the mouth within 10-seconds or so. Just repeat for the other side, and you should be ready to go in 20-seconds or within 30-seconds if you count applying the toothpaste as well as rinsing the mouth. The planned MSRP is $189, but early backers can snag one for $99. Indiegogo page.