Though not all of these were actually produced by Apple, they are definitely some of the funniest spoofs you’ll see today.

Mac Gamer

Before there were Get a Mac ads, there was “The Mac Gamer”.

Why we should all stop “PCin'” and grab a mac for the newest up to date titles like half-life 2…fear and medal of honor 1-16. Are you a mac gamer?

Crash Different

According to this guy, one of the coolest Mac features is that “it’s really easy to shutdown.”

Apple Intel

Yes, even Intel-powered Apple’s can’t escape the BSOD. On the bright side, they aren’t powered by Windows.

iPhone Does it All

Conan O’ Brien recently aired an interesting segment that shows what the Apple iPhone is really capable of — doubles as a condiment dispenser, mini-treadmill, and even a portable shower.

What if Microsoft Designed the iPod’s Packaging

More is less in this case, you can’t even tell what’s actually inside the box after Microsoft’s makeover.

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