The Heretic Short Film Unity
Unity teased The Heretic at the Game Developers Conference last year, and today, they released the full 7-minute short film made entirely with the game engine. Simply put, it features a virtual human exploring the underworld using a combination of 3D and 4D scanning to obtain high-quality textures. Read more to watch.

The final short film was made using stock Unity 2019.3, the version that entered final beta testing late last year designed to use the engine’s latest features. This could be a preview of what developers will be using in their upcoming games.

The 4D scanned data, which preserves the realism of the actor’s performance, is supplemented by bringing back the microsurface details, wrinkles, pores, etc., obtained from 3D scanning. There’s no need to wait for simulations that I might have had to wait for years ago,” said Unity.

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