Spain Typhoon Gloria Sea Foam
The scenes above are not computer-generated, just a real Spanish town that has been engulfed in thick sea foam as a tidal surge along the Catalan coast swept at least two miles inland. Storm Gloria has pummeled the region with rain, snow and hail on Monday, leaving more than 200,000 people without power, leveling buildings, destroying rice paddies and triggering weather alerts in more than 30 provinces. Read more for a video compilation of the sea foam and additional information.

Tossa del Mar residents grouped together to sweep away thick carpets of sea foam from the streets, as footage showed angry flurries sweeping through the air and coating the walls of buildings to a height of several meters. This happens when rough seas churn disintegrating organic matter, like algae, and is usually harmless to humans. However, depending on the algae present, bubbles within the foam may pop and can release certain airborne toxins which can irritate eyes and lungs.

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