The Rook Ring Power Vehicle

Priced from $245000, The Rook by Ring Power is basically a 6-ton, tracked vehicle that can punch holes in walls, remove cars and shield cops. The main feature is its ‘Armored Deployment Platform’ made from metal with ‘bat wing doors’, bullet-proof glass sight ports and sliding gun ports. It can be raised up to 11-feet to deploy snipers on roofs. The Rook can also be equipped with a ‘hydraulic breaching ram’ that can tear through walls from 10-feet away and a grapple claw bulldozer-type bucket to tear into fortified structures. Continue reading for a video and more information.

“The Rook is custom designed with mission specific attachments that increase job safety, while also improving the ease and speed of changing attachments. The Rook’s integrated video system gives visibility into areas that small robotic video cameras cannot access,” says Ring Power.


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