The Simpsons Couch Gag VR
The Simpsons is set to unveil a new couch gag on Sunday’s new episode, and it has the national quarantine in mind. It opens with the family taking part in extreme sports in a new animation style titled “The Extremesons”. Whether it be Homer going wingsuiting onto a jet or Bart being dropped out of a helicopter for a snowboarding session, this intro has it all. Read more to watch.

Some may not figure out that it’s all a gag, and just virtual reality, until you see the family is just sitting on the couch wearing the headsets. However, VR is just too much or not realistic enough for Homer, so he quickly goes back to watching TV. As for the actual episode this couch gag precedes, it will be about Maggie being reunited with baby Hudson, better known as the character who premiered in Pixar’s Playdate with Destiny.

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