Blockbuster Bend Oregon Last Store

Photo credit: CNN

Blockbuster has just closed two more stores in Alaska on Sunday, making the store located in Bend, Oregon, the very last one in the US. “I think we have a lot of local community support. Overall, we’ve actually done very well at this location. As a general rule – we’re doing well,” Sandi Harding, the manager of the store, told Yahoo Finance. Unlike previous stores, which quickly went into disrepair, this one maintained its popularity “due to the fact the store manager made the store a nice place to visit and now it is bit of a tourist attraction so we may have it for some time yet.” Continue reading for another video and more information.

“Blockbuster was born in Dallas in 1985, catering to growing demand in the video rental market. At its peak in 1993, it had over 3,400 locations. The rental video chain filed for bankruptcy in September 2010, and stores began to shutter. Interest in the Bend location has surged since the news broke, with some Twitter users signaling their intention to take a trip down memory lane,” reports Yahoo News.