First Class Plane 1950s

If you thought flying first class today was extravagant, these interesting pictures show what luxury in the skies really was like during the Golden Age of Flying. To put things in perspective, an economy class ticket on TWA in 1955 from Chicago to Phoenix cost $138 round-trip, and adjusted for inflation, that equates to $1,168 today. Since in-flight television, internet, etc. did not exist at the time, many planes were equipped with dining tables – others were handed postcards to write on. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

First Class 1950s

“It should also be mentioned that the Golden Age of Flying was an era of sumptuous design, a time in which the flying experience – from the visual look of the cabin, to your stewardess’s uniform, right down to the silverware�was imagined by some of the world’s best designers,” according to Fast Co Design.


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