China Rainbow Mountains

Photo credit: Imagine China

These aren’t paintings, just real-life rainbow mountains situated at the Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park in China. The many different-colored layers of sandstone and minerals that you see were pressed together over 24-million years and then buckled up by tectonic plates. The result, similar to a layer cake, is connected to the action of the same tectonic plates responsible for creating parts of the Himalayan mountains. Wind, rain, and time then sculpted extraordinary shapes, including towers, pillars, and ravines, with varying colors, patterns, and sizes. Continue reading for more images, information, and a bonus video.

China Rainbow Mountain

“Although some of these photos may have gone through some post-processing to make the colors pop even more, there’s no denying the striking grandeur of the formations. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2010 and a national geopark in 2011, the landform has become a top tourist attraction near the city of Zhangye. Boardwalks and access roads have been built so that visitors can explore the terrain and feast their eyes on the truly magnificent sight,” says My Modern Met.

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