Fan iPhone 7

While there hasn’t been an official iPhone 7 announcement from Apple yet, we all know it’s coming, and most likely before the end of 2016. Some people are already preparing their camp out supplies, while others, like Jermaine Smit, are already creating their own concepts. This one supposedly features a 4.7 inch Super AMOLED Full HD display, 16.0-megapixel camera, 2GB of RAM and up to 128 GB of storage. Continue reading for more examples of what the handset definitely will not look like.

5. Rounded iPhone 7

This model is a rounded one, with an edge to edge screen and a Smart Connector at the bottom, instead of the Lightning one.

The Home button also got eliminated and the fingerprint scanner is now integrated within the display.

All ports and buttons have been removed, in order to make the iPhone 7 completely wireless.

4. iPhone 7 Ultra-Thin

This iPhone 7 concept was designed by Glaxon Paul in collaboration with ConceptsiPhone.

This is one skinny iPhone and not only is it ultra slim, but it’s also covered with glass at the front.

Interestingly enough, the upper and lower part of the glass mimic the older design approach, with a top and bottom bezel. The Home button is also simulated now, in virtual form.

3. iPhone 7 Edges

Basically, both of the models would give up on the Home button and simply use a glass layer on the front, that extends to the sides and the bottom.

The difference is that the iPhone 7 regular version would have a metal edge and the iPhone 7 Edge would opt for that curved glass edge portion.

These concepts both rely on virtual Home buttons and feature what seem to be 3 massive speakers at the back.

2. iPhone 7 Reveal

From what I can see, the device is even slimmer and somehow wider than its predecessors. Those plastic lines we hate to much are still not gone, sadly.

However, the screen panel is now an edge to edge one and the Home button is still present.

Obviously, metal is still the choice for the body of the phone and specs would probably jump to the Apple A10 processor and iOS 10 to accompany it.

The 12MP camera will be kept intact most likely and RAM quantity will remain at 2GB. I suppose the resolution will go to Quad HD, or maybe even 4K.

1. iPhone 7 Vision

There’s also no Home button here, at least not a physical one, with that featured associated to software now.

The handset has a true tone ring flash, as well as a brand new 15 megapixel camera capable of 8K video capture, apparently.

The back side has a new ergonomic shape for better grip, that looks like an iPhone inside an iPhone. The general form factor seems to be the same, aside from that curved edge to edge approach and the original back.