Rolls-Royce SWARM Robots

Rolls-Royce unveiled their all-new SWARM robots, which is a part of IntelligentEngine vision, and plans include for also a robotic snake and swarm of cockroach-like miniature robots designed to inspect the interior of aircraft engines without needing to remove it from the chassis. The SWARM robots reach the inspection section of engines by riding FLARE, a pair of endoscopic, snake-like robots that slither to hard-to-reach areas. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“In addition to these ambitious plans, Rolls-Royce also displayed slightly more mature technologies, including a network of periscope-like INSPECT bots, which they plan to permanently install inside engines for constant spot maintenance, as well as remote boreblending robots that can be controlled by specialist engineers to assist with complicated maintenance tasks,” reports Tech Crunch.

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