Sam Van Aken created a tree unlike in any other because it’s designed to bear 40 different kinds of fruit. Science Alert says, “Van Aken used a technique called chip grafting to add more varieties on as separate branches. This technique involves taking a sliver off a fruit tree that includes the bud, and inserting that into an incision in the working tree. It’s then taped into place, and left to sit and heal over winter. If all goes well, the branch will be pruned back to encourage it to grow as a normal branch on the working tree.” Continue reading for a video of him explaining this at TED Talks.

So far, he’s grown 16 of these trees to date inside museums, private art collections and community centers. As mentioned previously, they are sculpted through the process of grafting, so it blossoms in varied tones of pink, crimson and white in spring, and in summer bear a multitude of fruit. Twisted Sifter reports that it’s “primarily composed of native and antique varieties the Tree of 40 Fruit are a form of conversation, preserving heirloom stone fruit varieties that are not commercially produced or available.”